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Our goal is to clean up pollution and replace the polluting industry with green products
The quality and flexibility in ingredients from nature is almost infinite and spans over nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, cosmetics and agriculture. Using bio manufacturing enables to produce those in a clean, efficient, and contamination free environment
A Bio supermaterial for every purpose
Nature is equipped with endless possibilities to replace Non sustainable polymers for every industry, from aviation, medical, to textile and electronics, Nature has the solution
Plastic degradation
Plastic is one of the world's most dangerous pollution types. Micro plastic is found everywhere from oceans to our food. Gaia synthetic biology platform can offer a practical approach to plastic degradation, thus making any plastic - a biodegradable plastic
Oil industry is one of the top polluters in the world, and Gaia biotechnologies synthetic biology platform has the most practical approach to increase the efficacy of oil spills treatment
Heavy metal
Environmental pollution of heavy metals is increasingly becoming a problem and has become of great concern due to the adverse effects it is causing around the world. These inorganic pollutants are being discarded in our waters, soils and into the atmosphere due to the rapidly growing agriculture and metal industries, improper waste disposal, fertilizers and pesticides. We develop biomolecules and solutions that enable the removal and encapsulation of these hazardous chemicals
Developing more efficient, sustainable and profitable mining processes using our synthetic biology foundry platform to create bacteria that can do both controlled and in-site mining an order of magnitude better than current methods