Gaia infrusructure
The source for the world's biggest problems lay in nature itself, we have the technology to harness them Biology is the answer, its infinite tada is stored in infinite combinations in its DNA to create the most incredible technologies. We can harness this knowledge and create processes and products that are manufactured in a cycled economy, just like it should
the gaia process from need to product
identify need
Gaia Process
We identify a problem
We find the solution in nature in the form of DNA
We harness this technology and create an optimised code to transfer this code to the right host
Than we amplify it and upscale it to industrial use
Every task has its best tool… we find the right microbial candidates that fit the problem we wish to solve or the product we want to produce! Want to learn more?
We are harnessing data
Every time we design and implement an experiment we create data, this data is about life and its applications. We utilise this data for an ever expanding cycle of optimisation to design DNA, allocate the best “Tool”, and upscale in the most straightforward ,fast and practical manner
Retro-biosynthetic design
CAD Tools / Clotho CAD
Metabolic modeling
Genome mining
Experimental design
Genetic part discovery
Automated library design
Automation Systems
LIMS / Tracking / Inventory
Schemas & APIs
Data Standards
DNA Pathway assembly (20kb+)
Pathway Libraries (100’s+)
Strain engineering / selection
Protein engineering
BGC Cloning
ICE Conjugation
Omics (RNA-seq, Ribo-seq, etc…)
Cell-free production systems
Microfluidics (Screen 107 / day)
Mass Spectrometry
AI / Machine learning
Cellular Analytics